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Tune Ups – Do You Need One?

Once upon a time, vehicles had to be “tuned-up” periodically. The plugs and points needed to be changed, the carburetor cleaned and more. However, today’s cars are much more advanced and don’t require quite the same maintenance schedule as their predecessors did. Do you need to worry about tune-ups for your vehicle? The answer to that question is “maybe”.

First, understand that today’s tune-ups aren’t the same as they once were. Modern vehicles don’t use points, for one thing, and sparkplugs are capable of lasting much longer. Even sparkplug wires last much longer these days. So, the term “tune-up” is a bit of a misnomer.

However, for older vehicles (those that lack fuel injection and still run on a carburetor), tune-ups are very important. During these services, the spark plugs and wires are changed, as well as the points and the condenser. The carburetor should be cleaned and adjusted as well.

The Question of Scheduled Major Services

In place of tune-ups, most modern vehicles have what are called “scheduled major services”. These are services specified by the automaker, and usually occur at 30,000-mile intervals. For instance, many automakers recommend that you have your first transmission fluid drain and fill done at 30,000 miles. At 90-100,000 miles, you’ll need your timing belt and water pump replaced. However, the service intervals vary considerably from one automaker to another, so it pays to take your car to a reputable Weston, Florida service shop that can advise you on when your car is due for service, what’s due, and what’s coming up down the road.

While tune-ups might be a thing of the past, vehicle maintenance is not. Keeping your car in good working condition requires ensuring that your major scheduled services, as well as your maintenance services are done on time, every time.

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